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How to start Keto Diet

How to start Keto Diet

Start losing weight and feel better.

With the rise of awareness and consciousness regarding health and wellness, one of the biggest questions frequently asked is: Is there an easy way to lose weight? Whether it comes to working out or a crash course diet, the definite answer would be NO.

However, not that it is proving itself be a quick fix solution to the issue, the ketogenic diet is making waves mainstream due to being a doable and sustainable weight loss alternative option that could lead to long term health benefits. Not only with science backing it up, but with the countless results and testimonies all around it looks like a convincing case.

I know how you are feeling. Even though you’d like to start, the task seems daunting with the information all around due to being popular and mainstream. As overwhelming as it seems, I was put in a similar position before. As a result, I came up with some simple unorthodox pointers to make the initial keto leap much easier.

Here are some unorthodox guidelines on how to start your keto diet:

Do not restrict yourself from eating.

What?! I’m pretty sure that would be the initial reaction with what you just read. Don’t get it the wrong way. A keto diet is supposed to be high fat and low carb, right? Definitely. That is the law of this diet. It works with being in ketosis from ketones produced from eating fat. Exactly.

Anyhow, what I am trying to say is that it will be hard for you at first, especially without the delectable taste and intake of sugar. Hunger is something foreseeable.

Unless you fast for a few days first to burn off your all your glycogen and the reserves, diving into it without a fast will cause some hunger pangs here and there. EAT! But do not eat anything that is not allowed in the diet. Hungry? Get some cheese in or some pork rinds in your belly. How many? As much as it satiates you.

As much as macros are important, the initial goal is to get you fat adapted first and out from your dependence from sugar. You will slowly ease in to the needed macros given that you only eat the right stuff.

Do not overthink your meals. Keep it simple.

I understand you miss certain food that you usually eat, and you are dying to get a keto version of it. In addition, those keto meals on Instagram look awfully tasty and you can’t wait to get your hands on them. Sadly, you can’t cook, and you don’t know where to get them. One thing leads to another, your helplessness is putting you on the verge of quitting this diet.

The good news is a keto diet is not as complicated as beginners think. Pick a protein from any type of meat. Then choose a vegetable to pair with. Top it off with your choice of fat. Voila! It is not always about those fancy keto meals.

How does that look like? A picture of ground beef and broccoli with butter looks good, but bacon wrapped asparagus with avocado dressing looks even better!

Quick tip on meals: Repetition is king.

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