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Signs that you are in Ketosis

Signs that you are in Ketosis

5 Ways to tell if you are in Ketosis and burning fat for fuel

As you go through your keto journey, the whole point of the lifestyle is to get to and how to maintain ketosis. Often times, especially for keto newbies, being out or in a state of ketosis is hard to gauge without peripherals to accurately measure it. The good news is weight loss isn’t the only tell sign if you are in ketosis. There are actually a bunch of symptoms to tell you how deep you are as you progress through the diet. 

Here are 5 surefire signs that you are in the right direction towards ketosis:

1. Muscle Cramps 

Ok, cramps may be a reach to describe it. I have never experienced something of the like, but I’d imagine that it is how muscular atrophy would feel. No kidding! As you go deeper into the diet, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances will be some of the hurdles that you will get to. However, it is not something electrolyte water couldn’t fix. Lesson of the story: do not get dehydrated or there is a good chance your muscles will feel it.

2. Bad Breath

For the populous who aren’t fat adapted, it does smell funky. If you are, you’ll barely notice it. Although a side effect nonetheless, the funky breath is due to the acetone. You’ll be releasing this ketone in your urine and breath as you reach a full state of ketosis. As bad as it is, it’s a good sign for the keto dieter.

3. Stomach Concerns

Stomach Concerns This is not a general occurrence, due to our bodies reacting differently as we go through the process. It does make me feel a bit jealous of the blessed minority that get through it stress-free. Let’s face it. The dietary change that you went with is going to be quite a shock, especially for your carb dependent stomach. Similar to a truck that switches to clean gasoline from diesel, the good thing is our bodies adapt to the change. The sudden moments of diarrhea or constipation is to be anticipated. Do not forget to load up on some fiber, probiotic supplements, and some electrolyte water to make you ease through it.

4. Satiety

The dependence from sugar slowly wanes and dies out once you get off the carb cycle. Not that you don’t want to eat, or you’ve lost your appetite to eat. It just seems that you eat only when needed .

With the hunger hormone finally working after how many years of ignoring it due to sugar, your meals get fewer and you are actually fine with it. A dose of healthy fat on your meals will make you pull through long stretches without eating.

5. Physical Fatigue

Physical Fatigue Just like my illustration on number three, getting a truck to run on clean fuel when it has a diesel engine under the hood is nearly impossible. Luckily, you are not a truck and it is possible to shift from carb dependence to fat adapted. 

However, like any drastic change, it won’t be easy. You might be lethargic at the onset of the early stages of getting into ketosis. After years of being carb heavy, the transition won’t be too pretty. Your body will be gasping for glucose initially, soldiering through it with making sure you get the necessary nutrients and hydration.

If you still experience the fatigue beyond the 3rd or 4th week, consult a medical practitioner.

Other Things to Note The make of our bodies varies, and we may or may not experience what the others are feeling. In addition, if you are faithful in the transition from the carb dependency to fat adapting, you are likely to be in some form of ketosis. If you’d like an instant result regarding your ketosis, you can easily choose from a blood ketone meter, a breath ketone meter, and ketone strips that are widely available in the market.   

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