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What is Ketogenic Diet

What is Ketogenic Diet

A term called Keto has controversially populated the health, wellness, and fitness world. The word has gained so much traction, that even the pillars of the food industry are trying to keep up by adapting to Keto compliant types of meals. However, do we truly understand what Keto is? What is the Keto Diet?

Where did it come from?

In terms of semantics, Keto is derived from the word Ketosis. Completely different from ketoacidosis, Ketosis is a natural failsafe state that our bodies get to when it gets to a point that our bodies cannot get enough carbohydrates from food to burn as energy. In this state, it switches to Ketones as the primary energy source. These power-packed molecules are manufactured in our liver through fat. Simply put, it is a metabolic process that switches our bodies from our carb burning system to a fat burning machine.

Let us put it in the simpliest term.

It is a lifestyle or a way of eating where you completely regulate or restrict your carbohydrate intake on food to achieve a state or maintain a state of Ketosis. Consuming meals that are high fat and low carb are essential in making it work. An estimated ratio of 75% fat – 20% protein – 5% carb in the portioning of daily meals are optimal. Ideally hovering around 20g or less of consumed sugar in a day, this maintains your body’s fat burning state. Just as taking in a minimal amount of sugar is important, eating the necessary good fat is justly important.

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